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by TomaLexi 

Here we got another example of why its so damn necessary to look at these bands barely anyone knows. Musicians like Raveena Aurora are simply fantastically talented artists and deserve to be recognized, shared and loved, so that they continue making music on an even higher level. The seemingly innocent lyrics and vocals are something rather precious, but delicate, like the purity of a child or the frail structure of a vase which needs to be carefully preserved. Her exceptional voice and the dreamy instrumental composition consisting of guitar, violin and piano sounds make it pretty hard not to fall for the sweet charm these songs give off. Only considering her vocal talents, this record shows off one of the most compelling demo tapes that I got to hear so far. This stands in contrast to the biggest flaw on this EP - a certain lack of musical variety, which, more often than not, is an accompanying feature of lower budget records like these. However, this is a problem artists usually rectify on future outings with more experience and more ressources to experiment with. If this 4 song demo is a sign of things to come by Raveena Aurora, then I am definitely looking forward to any future record benefitting from some experience she gained from her first outing, considering that these first 4 tracks are already considerably well made pop songs.

Cardboard Kids featured on "Surviving the Golden Age"


By Adam Morgan 

Texas-based quartet, Cardboard Kids are preparing to release their debut EP, Demons on the Ropes. The EP’s lead single is “Oh, Child,” a track that mixes southern rock, blues, and soul into one radio friendly blend. The track reminds me of The Black Keys mixed withThe Black Crowes. They would probably be called The Black Kids if that weren’t already a band.

Readygoes - “Social Status” & “Atomic Love Song” on Jersey Shore, ”Great Meatballs of Fire”, Ep. 6 Season 7!

Readygoes - “Social Status” & “Atomic Love Song” on Jersey Shore, ”Great Meatballs of Fire”, Ep. 6 Season 7!

Windsor Drive performing “Sleepwalking” on AltarTV’s Unplugged and Unrehearsed from April 2012 

Raveena Aurora - featured on underlandNY.com

By Duchess 

Hello darlings,

Happy Tuesday to you all! This morning, Miss Raveena Aurora of A mini Tribe released her first official single, and I’m so glad she did. What better way to wake up on a grey morning than with a song called “Grey Eyes?” 

Raveena’s breathy smooth voice dances with gentle instrumentation like chamomile tea - the essence of one of those days when you want to stay in bed and melt in your lover’s gaze.  Her innocence and curiosity play together beautifully in this first track off her upcoming album.  If you have a moment, do take a listen. 

Raveena Aurora - featured on Birp! Jan, 2013 Indie Playlist

She is #29 on the list! Like/ Vote/ etc. you know the drill. 

Raveena Aurora - featured on MusicNinja.com


By Clayton Warwick of MusicNinja.com 

Amidst the subtle yet intricate plucking of guitar strings, soft piano keys, and delicate bass line lies the beauty of the sun, and the goddess of sunrise. While we wish we were deep enough to write an ethereal sentence like that, we’re of course referring to the enchanting lyrics of Raveena Aurora. You see, Raveena derived her name from Sanskrit words in which Raveena means, “the beauty of the sun,” and Aurora means, “the goddess of sunrise.”

The warmth in Raveena’s name can be felt in every soul gripping word that she lays over perfectly orchestrated instrumentals. Her song structure is anything but traditional, and we couldn’t be any happier for that. This 18 year old singer/songwriter has delivered a deep and loving single from her freshman EP, Where We Wander, and we’re on the edge of our seats waiting for the release (out early February). Until then, we can assure you that this song will be on repeat for quite some time.

Turn the lights down low, press play, and enjoy


Well, hello there

Hey folks.  We’re going to start updating this Tumblr page with all the latest news from XO Stereo and all the artists that we proudly manage.  Stay tuned!

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